Pricing & Registration

We have a variety of ticket options to suit different preferences: workshops in different tracks for all levels; party tickets, and sightseeing tours. Choose the ticket that suits you best, and register for Mother City Hop 2020!

Full Pass

We have a "pay what you can afford" model for the Full Pass ticket pricing. With tickets ranging from R2,600-R3,300, we encourage everyone to choose the price that they can afford. If you are able to pay a higher price, that enables those who can't afford it to pay a slightly lower rate. Only 30 tickets in each price bracket will be available, and the lowest available price will increase each month, as follows:

Date available Full Pass tickets available
From 1 August 2019 R2,600 R2,700 R2,800 R2,900 R3,000 R3,100 R3,200 R3,300
From 1 September 2019 R2,700 R2,800 R2,900 R3,000 R3,100 R3,200 R3,300
From 1 October 2019 R2,800 R2,900 R3,000 R3,100 R3,200 R3,300
From 1 November 2019 R2,900 R3,000 R3,100 R3,200 R3,300
From 1 December 2019 R3,000 R3,100 R3,200 R3,300
From 1 January 2020 R3,100 R3,200 R3,300
From 1 February 2020 R3,200 R3,300
From 1 March 2020 R3,300
Date available Full Pass tickets available
From 1 August 2019 R2,600–R3,300
From 1 September 2019 R2,700–R3,300
From 1 October 2019 R2,800–R3,300
From 1 November 2019 R2,900–R3,300
From 1 December 2019 R3,000–R3,300
From 1 January 2020 R3,100–R3,300
From 1 February 2020R3,200–R3,300
From 1 March 2020 R3,300

Payment alternatives

We try hard not to exclude anyone from the festival on financial grounds. We offer two payment alternatives for those registering for a Full Pass, for whom paying the full fee upfront is not an option.

1. Payment in instalments

If cash flow is an issue and it would be easier to pay for your Full Pass in instalments, we do offer this option (interest-free). For example, if you register on 26 August 2019 and select to pay in three instalments, you will pay R866.67 three times (before 1 September, before 1 October and before 1 November respectively). If you would like to use this option, please specify this after we approve your registration.

2. Reduced rates

If you are not able to afford our Full Pass pricing, please apply for a reduced rate. We have some funds to subsidise tickets and every year we help some dancers attend that otherwise would not be able to. Please do not wait until the last minute, when tracks are already full!

Party Pass

  • Entrance to all four parties (Thursday to Sunday):

Price: R600

Sightseeing Tours

  • Discover a bit of Cape Town's beautiful surrounds, guided by our local dancers
  • Monday 16 March to Friday 20 March
  • Transport and venue tickets included; meals not included.

Price: R3,000.
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Tours + Party Pass

  • 5-day sightseeing tour package (Monday to Friday)
  • Entrance to all four parties (Thursday to Sunday)

Price: R3,500

All Star Pass

  • Full pass (all classes in your chosen track, plus taster classes and entrance to all parties)
  • 5-day sightseeing tour package

- Until 30 September: R5,700
- Until 30 November: R5,900
- Until 31 January: R6,100
- After 1 February: R6,300

Beginner Lite

  • 6 hours of beginner-friendly workshops with local Cape Town teachers
  • Entrance to two parties at Mother City Hop

Price: R795

Registration process

  1. Read our Terms & Conditions.
  2. Fill out our registration form.
  3. We'll get back to you within a week.
  4. If/when your registration is approved, you'll have one week to make your payment.

Almost every year, we end up with a waiting list for followers in the Lindy Hop tracks. If you're a leader, please register as soon as possible to help our followers get off the waiting list. If you're a follower, please try to find a leader to register with so that you can skip the waiting list and be approved immediately. If you do end up on the waiting list, consider taking classes as a leader (in a level that fits your experience as a leader). Or, you could sign up for the Solo Jazz or African Dance tracks instead!

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